St. Luke's Episcopal Church, Long Beach, CA

We Welcome You to St. Luke’s!

We welcome everyone equally and enthusiastically. Whatever your religious background, age, race, gender, sexual orientation, or economic status, we welcome you. If you are responding to a deep inner yearning, a hunger to be part of a community of faith, a desire to love and be loved by God, or a call to follow Jesus, we welcome you!

If you have left behind a loving congregational family and are searching for a new spiritual home, we welcome you! If you have been wounded or abused or alienated or disturbed by judgmental religion and religious hypocrisy, we welcome you! If you have been bored out of your mind by previous encounters with bland-leading-the-bland churches, we welcome you!


Let’s Talk!
Five Sundays in Lent
, 11:30am
Guild Room

What insights did you have from the lessons today?  What did take away from the sermon?  Join us for a conversation in which we explore our experience of today’s service and how it relates to our daily lives

Lenten Study on Nonviolence
Wed., Mar. 11 at 6:30pm
Room 113

Next weeks topic is, “The Spiritual Roots and Ethical Implications of Nonviolence.” The class will meet each Wednesday during Lent, starting February 25.  There will be a light dinner (we will ask for a $5 donation in return for us quenching your thirst and satiating your appetite).