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Upcoming Events

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5/31: Ministry Fair at 8am
Mark you calendars! Sunday, May 31 is the Ministry Fair. You will be able to find out information on a number of ministries and activities going on at St. Luke’s. Plan on stopping by after 8:00 or 10:00 service for a refreshment, and perhaps discover a new area of interest to you.

5/31: Welcome Brunch at 11:45am
The Brunch is simply an opportunity for those new to St. Luke’s to meet a few parishioners (the friendliest ones!), ask a few questions, and learn more about St. Luke’s, the Episcopal Church, the Anglican Communion, and/or the Meaning of Life (not the Monty Python version!).
The Brunch will be in the Guild Room following the 10 o’clock service.  All sizes, shapes, and ages are most welcome!

5/31: Children’s Ministry Meeting at 11:45am
As part of our Strategic Plan to nurture and improve our ministry with and through children, we set the first goal in Children’s Ministry to convene a new leadership group that would be made up of at least 50% non-parents of the children in our Sunday School. That meeting will take place on May 31 after the 10 o’clock service.  If you would like to help out, please simply join in.  Or if you are busy that morning, and are willing to help as part of this leadership team, as an occasional teacher or aide, or in some as yet unidentified capacity, just let Dominique or Gary or Ricardo know!

6/7: Amazing Women’s Brunch at 11:45am
Ticket sales will take place each Sunday in May in the courtyard; make sure you get yours! These make a great gift for the Amazing Women in our lives. Join us for a delicious meal, great conversation, prizes and an opportunity to learn more about our very own Wini Carter. You will walk away blessed and inspired.

6/7: Children’s Ministry: End of Sunday School at 10am service
Children’s Ministry will be performing a song in church to celebrate completing our 2014-15 school year!  Thanks Ms. Deb for helping our children produce such wonderful performances!  After the service, we will be handing out certificates and celebrating with ice cream in Genesis Land.  We look forward to seeing everyone on June 7!

6/9: Taizé Service: “The Gifts of the Spirit” at 7pm
June is the start of summer vacation and along with teachers, students and St. Luke’s choir, Taizé will take a  summer break and close the season on June 9.  Join us in the church and share with us this final evening of soft, meditative music and prayer in celebration of the Pentecost gift of the Holy Spirit.  Look for a return of Taizé in the Fall and many thanks to all who have supported this ministry the past year.