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Upcoming Events

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12/7: Worship Forum at 11:30am in the Belliss Hall
Our worship forum will cover a couple topics. First, we will hear about inclusive language, something we are kicking off with the prayer at the lighting of the Advent Candle (something new at St. Luke’s).  In many ways, this is an extension of the work some of our parishioners have been doing in small groups, and also a next step in something we have been implementing slowly over the past several years. We will also hear from Johannes about our acoustics and the way that configuring the sanctuary so that the choir faces the congregation will be beneficial in the long run. Finally, Gary will reiterate the theological and liturgical reasons that hundreds and thousands of churches in the US and in Europe have already moved their altars closer to the congregation.

12/7: DIY Nativity Center at 11:30am in the Guild Room
Children’s Ministry invites the whole Parish to slow down and take time to connect with the Christmas story through making a Nativity Set for you and your family to take home and use for years to come. We will gather in the Parish Hall following the 10:00am service. Please RSVP so that we ensure enough supplies; sign up with Angela Williams at angelatwilliamslcsw@gmail.com or text at 562-439-5117.

12/7: Taizé Service at 5pm at the Sanctuary
Advent is a reflective journey leading to the joy of Jesus’ birth, but too often the weeks before Christmas are full of stressful busyness, the patient waiting of Advent forgotten. Taizé (Teh-zay) Prayer invites you to  begin your journey with a quiet hour of simple choral chants, short readings, and periods of silence; all taking place in the candlelit  beauty of St. Luke’s church. We welcome all of you who have never attended Taizé and all who wish to begin Advent with rest and peace.

12/10: Healthy Cooking Classes at 6pm in Belliss Hall
Don’t miss out on your chance to cook healthy and satisfying meals for the holiday season!

12/14: Blessing of the Crèche during the 10am service
St. Luke’s is blessed with a beautiful Italian carved linden wood Nativity set, which will be on display throughout the Christmas Season.  As in past years, families will process down the aisle with the crèche figures and place them at the baptismal font.  Parents, this is an opportunity to teach your children the story of the Nativity as it unfolds.  This year will be different in that Mary and the baby Jesus will not arrive until Christmas Eve.

12/14: Christmas Pageant after the 10am service in the Belliss Hall
We will have our annual Christmas Pageant with the full participation of our Children’s Ministry.  So on a day of two special services – the Blessing of the Creche and the celebration of Our Lady of Guadalupe – we hope that people attending both services will be able to come to the Pageant.