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Upcoming Events

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9/28: Evening of Arts Event
St. Luke’s will host a cross-genre literary event to celebrate the release of Gutters and Alleyways: Perspectives on Poverty and Struggle, a beautiful paperback anthology of poetry, prose and art. Come out to hear local writers and artists share their work from the book, and join in on the conversation. The goal of the anthology is to encourage empathy and to help us see the individuals behind the “it” of poverty, as well as provide a focal point for finding collaborative solutions within the community. There will also be some community organizations and musicians sharing their talents. Doors open at 6 pm, reading starts at 6:30 pm. About the press: Lucid Moose Lit aims to engage the literary arts with social justice issues by using poetry as a vehicle for luminous conversation.

10/5: Baptism Preparation at 9am in the Guild Room
The next service of Holy Baptism will be Sunday, November 2. If you or a member of your family would like to be baptized, please come to the baptism preparation meeting. If that date is inconvenient for you, please speak to one of the clergy about meeting another time.

10/5: Joining St. Luke’s at 11:30am in the Community Center
If you would like to join, there will be one (just one) meeting to explain how it works and what comes next.  The meeting takes just 15 minutes.

10/5: Inquirer’s Class at 11:30am in the Community Center
Role of Scripture in Anglican Tradition with Gary Commins.

10/5: The New Jim Crow Forum at 11:30am in the Guild Room
Come join as we discuss Michelle Alexander’s groundbreaking book The New Jim Crow and becoming involved with Proposition 47. E-mail Brent Walmsley, MrWalmsley@rockatmail.com, for more information. Get your copy from the bookstore today!

10/5: Coming Out Service at 5pm in the Sanctuary
Please join us as we tell our stories of “Coming Out”, to remember our past struggles for freedom, and give strength and courage to those who still live in fear! This beautiful service will consist of courageous stories, great choral music, communal prayer and lots of good food at the reception that follows.

10/8: Spiritual Classics at 7pm in Room 113
We will discuss a selection from the writings and sermons of Meister Eckhart, one of the most controversial figures in Church history.

10/12: Inquirer’s Class at 11:30am in the Community Center
Anglican and Episcopal Church History with Dean Farrar.

10/17: 30s/40s Group outing at 6pm at the Timeless Pints Brewery
Join us for an early evening of festive fellowship when we’ll visit Timeless Pints, a newish local brewery. Located at 3671 Industry Avenue, C1, in Lakewood, they serve, um, beer. But also, Food Truck Fridays offers a different food truck each week, located just outside the brewery. Stop by for a beer or some food or both! Let Penny Morris know you’re interested (pjmacgregor@mac.com), and she’ll send more specifics as the date approaches. Skoal!

10/19: Annual Wine Ingathering
St. Luke’s Sunday is the traditional time for our annual “wine ingathering’. This is a unique opportunity for the congregation to donate wine that is used each Sunday during the Eucharist.

10/19: Appreciation Brunch at 11:30am in the Belliss Hall
Come one, come all to St. Luke’s Third Annual Appreciation Brunch, the day we will observe the Feast of St. Luke. Whoever says there’s no free brunch must not know about this event!  Brunch is free and delicious.  And all we do on this day is give thanks for all of the volunteer work done at St. Luke’s each year. This year we will especially recognize those who take part in particular ministries: Acolytes, our Bookstore, our Greeters, our faithful group in charge of Healing Prayers, those most involved in our Hospitality ministry, and our Lectors.  So if you take part in one or more of those ministries be sure to attend to receive our thanks. Everyone else can attend for the free brunch and the joyful vibes!