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Upcoming Events

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Schedule of Christmas Services
Our services on Christmas Eve will be at 5pm with music by our soloist, at 7pm in Spanish and at 10:30pm with the full choir. Our service on Christmas Day will be at 10am.

12/28: American Red Cross Blood Drive starting at 9am in the Belliss Hall
A sign up table will be set up following services to schedule your appointments, or you can go online and enter sponsor code: StLukesEC or contact Beatrice Kinya at 714-225-9877. Each donation helps Save up to 3 Lives

12/28: Service of Lament at 5pm in the Sanctuary
St. Luke’s will host a Service of Lament in memory of victims of gun violence. Normally, December 28 in the Christian calendar is the Feast of the Holy Innocents, the story of Herod’s soldiers killing the male children of Bethlehem as Herod seeks to have Jesus murdered. So it makes an apt day of remembrance for victims of gun violence. The service itself will be a series of lessons, litanies, meditation, and music that holds together themes of grief, powerlessness, and hope. Participants will sit in the choir and front pews of the church. All are welcome.

1/4: Baptism Preparation at 9am in the Guild Room

1/4: Youth Parents / Rector Meeting at 11:30am in Room 119
Gary will have a short check-in meeting with parents of Youth Group members. The purpose of the meeting is to update parents on upcoming events: that the youth will continue to meet each week, that Gary and Ricardo will teach a class on Jesus during Lent (and there will be an adult class those Sundays to keep attention-span-challenged parents entertained during that time), and a retreat later in the Spring. So if you are a parent of one of our youth, please come!

1/4: Housing Long Beach Tenants Rights Forum at 11:30am in the Guild Room
Many low in-come renters of Long Beach live in apartments that have rats, open/broken sewers, etc., and are evicted by landlords if they complain to the City! Come and learn how you and St. Luke’s can protect these renters!

1/11: Class on Epiphany with Dean at 11:30am in Room 119
Join Dean on this lively discussion as we take a look at some of the themes and lore of the Epiphany Season.

1/11: Welcome Brunch at 11:30am in the Guild Room
It’s time for another Welcome Brunch! We will have an informal brunch with Q&A for those new to St. Luke’s. So if you are new or newish, please come, learn a bit about St. Luke’s and the Episcopal Church, ask any questions you like, and get acquainted with some parishioners.

1/13: Epiphany Taizé at 7pm in the Sanctuary
Start the New Year out right with an evening of renewal, letting the Peace and Goodwill of the Christmas season continue into 2015. Come experience a quiet meditative hour in the candlelit sanctuary of prayer, readings and simple chant music enhanced by piano, cello, guitar, Irish flute, bells and singers.