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Upcoming Events

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9/21: Divine Feminine / Divine Masculine Meeting at 11:30am in the Guild Room
We invite you to join us as we explore new options for hymns, prayers of the people and blessings that we use in our services. One of the reasons we are having this conversation is that gender balance in the language in our liturgy has surfaced in many of our previous gatherings.  Participants have shared that the current use of language often gets in the way of the full experience of our services. We have some resources in hand and are looking for suggestions for others.  So if you find yourself yearning for new ways of connecting with Divine Wisdom in our services, come and share your hopes, dreams and vision with us.  Questions:  Kay Lindahl or Julie Von Pelz.

9/25: CARE to Dine at Buono’s Pizza
This will be the 2ndyear that St. Luke’s will host a restaurant to raise funds for St. Mary HIV CARE Program in the CARE to Dine event.  This year we will be the hosts at Buono’s Pizza on Ocean Blvd from 5pm till 9pm on Thursday September 25th. If you don’t like Italian food, then check-out the other participating restaurants participating all day on Thursday September 25th in the fund raiser: http://careprogram.org/events/dine. Please email Tom Crowe with questions.

9/28: Evening of Arts Event
St. Luke’s will host a cross-genre literary event to celebrate the release of Gutters and Alleyways: Perspectives on Poverty and Struggle, a beautiful paperback anthology of poetry, prose and art. Come out to hear local writers and artists share their work from the book, and join in on the conversation. The goal of the anthology is to encourage empathy and to help us see the individuals behind the “it” of poverty, as well as provide a focal point for finding collaborative solutions within the community. There will also be some community organizations and musicians sharing their talents. Doors open at 6 pm, reading starts at 6:30 pm. About the press: Lucid Moose Lit aims to engage the literary arts with social justice issues by using poetry as a vehicle for luminous conversation.