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Upcoming Events

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11/2: Holy Baptism during 10am service

11/9: Youth Sunday during 10am service
Members of our youth group will take active roles as lectors, Lay Eucharistic Ministers, acolytes, and ushers. The Youth Group will have prepared questions for a Q&A session with Gary and Ricardo that will take the place of the sermon. So come and see our youth in action and hear what is on their minds and what is in their hearts.

11/16: Instructed Eucharist during 8am, 10am and 12:15pm services
Rev. Ricardo will guide us through an Instructed Eucharist focusing on the first half of the service, the Liturgy of the Word. This will (hopefully) be an interactive discussion and will take the place of the sermon that day. Why do we pass the peace? What’s up with those different collect prayers we read each week? Why is the second reading either from an epistle, Acts, or Revelation? Come find out the answers to these and other questions!

11/19: Healthy Cooking Classes at 6pm in the Belliss Hall Kitchen
If you have not yet taken advantage of one of our bilingual healthy cooking classes, and/or if you are concerned that you are about to gain 12-23-34 pounds over the holidays, this might be just the thing for you! This class will just be on three Wednesday evenings, Nov. 19 and December 3 and 10.  The class meets in the parish hall kitchen from 6-7 pm.  There will be delicious food, helpful recipes, good advice on healthy eating, and perhaps even a taste of salvation!  And it’s all free! So consider the alternatives and choose health and healthy cooking for the holidays!

11/23: Choral Service on “Christ the King” Sunday during 10am service
We are presenting movements from Herbert Howell’s Requiem plus a choral anthem by John Rutter with trumpet and organ accompaniment. The Howells is a deeply moving work expressing grief but also external hope drawing from Psalms 23 and 121. It is mostly unaccompanied and requires a live acoustic such as we are fortunate to have at St. Luke’s.

11/23: Welcome Brunch at 11:30am in the Guild Room
The brunch is for anyone new or newish to St. Luke’s and complements our Inquirers Class.  While the Class helps people learn more about our faith and the Anglican tradition, the Welcome Brunch is focused more locally.  Primarily, it’s an opportunity to meet people, ask informal questions specifically about St. Luke’s, and to have free rein to ask anything you like (under pressure Gary has been known to reveal the meaning of life)! So if you are new or newish to St. Luke’s and you haven’t attended one of our brunches, it’s not that you haven’t lived (exactly), but we hope this will be a convenient time for you to meet with us for light food and great fellowship.

Thanksgiving Service
After several years of sharing a service with our good neighbors at Trinity Lutheran Church on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, this year our observance will be part of our regular 10 a.m. Thursday Healing service in the chapel on Thanksgiving Day.  All are welcome!